Lego® Serious Play® methodology is a structured workshop aimed at strategic thinking, improving team work, making decisions and problem solving in a business environment, during which the results are aligned with the company’s business goals.

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Use the power of the game to define the vision and ensure your employees’ dedication


All the participants have to reach an agreement, achieve a consensus, and then act accordingly, although they do not have to agree completely. Reach a decision and stick to it!

In the Lego® Serious Play® workshop everyone is included 100% and they all give their contribution. Whatever the workshop topic is, participants will always have to take part in it. Eliminate the excuses!

Lego® Serious Play® workshop creates mutual understanding and the same reference frame in which the employees move.

The results

With Lego® Serious Play ® methodology you will be able to analyze topics strategically and systematically. This way, you will develop new ideas, shape them accordingly, and all the participants will be actively involved in the topic. Their ideas are right here, in the middle of the table. They are visible.


Intensive dialogue helps your team develop innovative strategies quickly.

Leader development, team, and team member development.
Defining team values
Adjusting to organizational changes
Creating vision
Creating team identity
Partner/client relationship analysis and estimate
Organizacioni razvoj za menadžment, timove i zaposlene
Innovation and product development
Change management
Creating a common way of thinking based on a particular topic

When to use LSP?

When opinions regarding the same topic clash and when they are not coordinated and communicated well

Team building

Taking a step from one’s own perspectives and developing strategies together enhance team unity and the participants’ commitment to project implementation.


This entertaining methodology creates a secure framework for participants, allowing the most critical points to stand out and finding a common solution that all participants agree on.

A successful project

With our solutions, your organization can focus on what truly matters. You would reduce the pressure that your staff, managers, and employees are under, allowing them to focus on their tasks more. Make your company more successful by helping everyone work productively on the right tasks.

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